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Welcome you to the Black Belt Marketing Academy. This is an online marketing school for people that value and appreciate quality marketing training. Our school is built on three core principles: integrity, trust and value. We will always deliver on our promise. We want to be seen as your trusted advisor when it comes to marketing. And we will always be dedicated to adding maximum value to your business by providing the best marketing content / education.

Who is this marketing training for?

The training is designed for entrepreneurs, experts and business owners who are looking for affordable, real world, practical marketing advice on how to grow their businesses. No prior knowledge of marketing is required.

Can I take a sneak preview inside the blackbeltmarketing. academy?

Sure! Just click the link below

Virtual Tour Inside The Black Belt Marketing Academy

What we're going to cover?

There are six core marketing training modules.

Module #1 Marketing 101 / Foundations & Fundamentals

In this module you will learn the foundations and fundamentals of marketing. Ali strongly believes that mind-set is more important than method.

You will find out exactly what marketing is, and what makes a good marketer. It took Ali four years of painstaking research and traveling around the globe to finally find this out!

The syllabus we will be using for this module is " Marketing is King!"

Module #2 How to grow your business without using cash!

In this module Ali will cover how to grow your business without using cash. This has been the most popular module in our beta testing. The curriculum for this module will be Ali's #1Best-Selling Book, " No Cash? No Problem!" That Ali wrote with the late Dave Wagenvoord. Mr. Wagenvoord was the world's greatest barter trader, and traded over a half a billion dollars, with some of the largest companies in the world.

Here are just a few of some of his amazing barter feats that Dave accomplished:

* He traded 900 Chrysler Imperials in six weeks. Only 1,100 were manufactured that year.
* He traded 16,000 guitars for Yamaha for more than $2,000,000 worth of radio advertising.
* He traded $5,000,000 worth of DHL Air Courier credits for television in a matter of months.
* He traded for advertising on hundreds of radio stations for ten years for Carnival Cruise Lines.
* He built Channel 26 TV in New Orleans, which is now owned by the Chicago Tribune

* He owned the Peter Lawford home on the beach in Santa Monica that was used by President Kennedy and known as the “Western White House.” This was originally built as the home of Louis B. Mayer, the founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and is the birthplace of the concept of the Academy Awards. Dave traded for the house and much of its contents.

* He purchased a radio station in Northern California and paid 60 percent of the down payment in furniture trade credits.
* He bought $1,000,000 worth of network airtime from a bankruptcy court in one of the wildest and most profitable “little” barter deals of all time.

You will learn a secret that is said to be known by only 500 people on the planet.

Ali will share with you the in's and outs of doing barter trade deals that Dave taught him.

No cash? No problem! Has over fifty five star reviews on Amazon. It has been in the best seller list for over three years. It is the gold standard when it comes to barter trading books.

You will also learn the power of Joint Ventures to grow your business. This is the #1 growth tool used by all of the world's greatest marketers.

Module #3 How to turn your web site into a 24/7/ATM

For most companies, their web site is a billboard in cyberspace. In this module you will learn how to turn your web site from a liability to a true Digital Marketing Asset ( DMA). Something that can be a lead generating machine for you. You will be introduce to the greatest secret in online marketing. The lead magnet. And how to develop a true digital marketing strategy, with both a front end, that drives traffic to your site, and a back end database to mange the ongoing relationship. We will deep dive into move #19 & 20 of " Get Your Black Belt In Marketing.

Module #4 How to use FREE advertising to grow your business

When most business owners think of advertising they think of PAID. But the best and most effective form of advertising is actually UNPAID. Word of mouth (WOM) and PR. When you talk about yourself that is bragging. When others talk about you, it builds credibility. In this module you will learn how to formalize your WOM in the terms of setting up a formal and systematic referral system. You will also learn how to be your own publicist. A normal good PR company would charge you $5,000 for PRESS Release. You will learn how to write your own! And how to take control of your marketing outreach using the media. Many companies have used these simple marketing strategies to catapult their business from being unknown to being everywhere!

Module #5 Get your MS. Master of Sales

The top line of any financial report for a company shows "sales revenue." Every business starts by selling something. As an entrepreneur, expert or busietss owner, you were / are the first sales person. But when was the last time you or your team had any formal sales training? How many books have you / your team read on sales last year? Sales is a skill, and the most important skill any business owner can develop. The good news is that you can learn it. In this module, Ali will share his insights from what he has learnt from top performers around the world. And how Black Belt marketers sell. You will get decades of sales skills in a matter of two hours. And start to to see those leads converting into sales!

Module #6 Using Marketing's Secret Sauce To Grow Your Business

In this module you will learn the power of words. Or what marketers call "copy" or copywriting, and the power of choosing the right words. Choosing your words carefully will unlock the safe and get you what you want. A secret that marketers have known for over centuries. This is a crash course in copywriting, with practical examples. Every marketing skill can be learnt including how to write persuasive copy. A simple headline change in your email can always get your email opened if it clearly denominates the result, benefit and outcome, or value added for the reader.


As an added bonus you will also learn how to develop a Marketing Plan, using a proven marketing template. And we will also give you access to marketing tools and resources to help grow your business.

How long will it take me to go through the course?

Each module is approximately 2 hours of hard core marketing training. With 6-12 lessons depending on the module. Lesson length varies from 2 mins - 30 mins. On average about 10mins per lesson. Some modules have interviews with marketing experts to reinforce the marketing concepts being taught.

The marketing training includes three e-books and two audio books.

The core curriculum should take you about 12 hours and the ancillary audio's another 15 hours. Plus reading of special marketing reports, another 3hrs. A total of 30 hrs to complete the full marketing training.

Once you pay the full tuition fees you will have lifetime access to the content 24/7/365, on any device that has an internet connection. You will be able to consume the content at your own pace.

What is the best way to go through the training content?

Start with Module #1. Get in the marketing mind-set, then move to the area that your business is struggling in. If your business is running short on cash and you need money to advertise you may want to go to Module #2 and learn how to join a barter trade club. Or if you are looking for more leads, go to Module # 3 and turn your web site into a lead generating machine with a lead magnet. If you want to cut your Ad budget look into Module # 4. And look for free advertising. If you want to just brush up your sales skills and improve your conversion of leads go to Module # 5. and learn how to be seen as a trusted advisor and partner. If you just want to tighten up and sharpen up your marketing message to get a better response from your marketing outreach, go to Module #6 and learn how by being very selective with your words you can get the response you need.

But do plan to go through all the modules!

How much is tuition fees for the course?

For $1 you will be given FULL access to the Black Belt Marketing.Academy. No strings attached. You will have a FULL 7 days to go through all the marketing content, and attend the school for one week. If you decide that Ali did not deliver on his promise, simply send him an email at and your credit card will not be charged. That is our promise. And you will be unenrolled from the school. But the $1 you paid for the trial will be donated to our friends at the St Jude Children's Hospital. Our way of giving back.

Should you keep the course, which we believe you will based on the exceptional value, your credit card will be charged for $699 for the full tuition fees on the seventh day. This is a one-time payment for lifetime access to the Black Belt Marketing Academy. You will not be charged any further payments.

 This is a special introductory tuition fee is for six months only.


Once you purchase the course for $699, and join the Black Belt Marketing Academy you will be automatically signed up to attend four office hour sessions, at your convenience. Ali understands that you will have questions after going through the content, on how it can be applied to your business.

Office hours are group sessions, and are held every Saturday from 11:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. / PST. You will be able to ask Ali any question as it relates to the course content and how to use it to grow your business. You will receive an email, once you sign up with full details.

After four sessions you will be given the opportunity to purchase additional office hour sessions if needed.



Course Curriculum

Welcome To The Black Belt Marketing Academy
Marketing Audit: How does your marketing stack up?
How to write a Marketing Plan

What's included?

50 Videos
5 Texts
6 PDFs
9 Audios
1 Download
Ali Pervez
Ali Pervez
No1 Best Selling Marketing Author

Meet Your Instructor

"Ali Pervez is an marketing expert that you will continue hear much more about. He has written three excellent books on marketing, and is very passionate about the field. He is a very genuine, sincere, and compassionate human being."

 Jay Conrad Levinson 
 The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
 Feb 10th 1933 - Oct 10th 2013

Your instructor is a two times best selling marketing author, and marketing expert. 

For the past 30 years he has done all types of marketing projects, ranging from writing marketing and strategic plans to installing complex digital marketing / CRM systems. His work has taken him across 22 different countries. 

He has helped all types of companies ranging from start ups to major Fortune 500 companies. 

He has won awards for his work in marketing. And has been an invited speaker at both Oxford and Stanford on marketing.

Ali Pervez  holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester, U.K. A masters in Biochemistry from the University of London, U.K. An M.B.A. from the Manchester Business School U.K, where his final year marketing project was awarded a distinction, and included a marketing project at the Harvard Business School. 

Ali is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

He lives with his wife and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He loves to travel, read and of course teaching marketing!